Monday, May 13, 2013

Grammar in vogue - in schools and with adults


Lori said...

This was a very interesting article. I try not to be too snobbish about idiomatic English, and I do try to keep a balanced perspective. Of course I have my own personal peeves, but I recognize that English evolves and rules change. The apostrophe catastrophe is something that particularly burns my gills, though. It can be surprising to realize how much true vitriol is exchanged between grammarians about some of the things brought up in this article. The debate between prescriptivists and descriptivists can get pretty heated.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I need grammar help actually, but while reading the article I caught the start of a the one on the bottom. As soon as I saw Rat Meat, I needed to exit. I'm go back to it after I clear that mental picture ;o.