Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Year Old on this New Year's Day

Today is the one year anniversary of I Stand Corrected. And although I have been rather MIA lately, I definitely wanted to stop by to make an entry here today. Here is a link to The First Entry in the original AOL Journal from January 1, 2008, in case you missed it way back then. The following is a paragraph from that original entry:

I've wanted to do this journal for a long time, and I finally decided that
I'd start it on January 1. I want to discuss words -- beautiful, lovely,
inspiring words! I want to discuss lovely phrases, especially archaic
phrases that one doesn't hear much nowadays; perhaps words or phrases you may
have heard your parents or grandparents using, but don't hear often now. I
want to discuss styles of writing. I also want to open the journal up for
questions and answers. Do you wonder when it is correct to use "then" and
when you should use "than", for example? Email a question or leave it in
the comment thread, and someone will supply the answer.

There were 14 posts that first month of 2008, but no other month had that many. Life rather interrupts us at times and makes us put on a back burner projects that may be dear to us. If it hadn't been for Guido and Beth contributing entries, some months would have been sadly empty of posts. My goal for 2009 is to spend a bit more time on this blog, starting today.

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Beth said...

Quite a few of those who read me have come over here and commented that they love this blog and think it's a great idea. I think that most of us who love to write and/or read appreciate a place that discusses words, grammar, and usage. Let's keep it up, and I promise I'll do better, too, with getting posts up here!