Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cut short

One of my pet hates is the use of abbreviations without using an explanation. There are some fairly common ones about, such as e.g. (for instance, for example). However, if you can get away without using the abbreviation, please do. I worked in the supplies division of the army for 6 years, and they are terrible for abbreviations and strange shortcuts. CSM e.g. means company sergeant major, the terror of all troops. I found guidelines for the use of abbreviations in the U.S..

Allied to that is textspeak, or should I type txtspk. When I first came to AOL, now 4 years ago, I didn't have a clue what somebody meant when they typed CUL8R. Of course, I now know it stands for "see you later". And I also appreciate that not every internet user is a 70 wpm fast typist like myself (coughs). Moreover, you can't type fast on a mobile phone keypad, and I see the need for shortcuts. However, textspeak is beginning to intrude into everyday language, and it's a degradation in my book. It's the answer to a lazy man's prayer.


manda2177 said...

I agree.  I do not text people.  Most of the time I am clueless as to what people are talking about in text messages...not because I am dumb either!


God  bless-

helmswondermom said...

I agree completely!  Thankfully our kids don't talk in "textspeak", but I know some who do.  Actually I know some adults who talk that way.  The insurance company for which I used to work had pages of acronyms we had to learn.  It must have sounded funny to an outsider to hear us talk in acronyms.  Great entry!

cayasm said...

Thanks for posting this, I cannot stand "text speak", and it's used so widely now, and half the time I have no clue what people are talking about.


pkpuppies said...

I cannot stand "textspeak." I'm probably one of the few people in the universe that, while texting, does NOT use "textspeak." Yes it takes me forever to "text." My son thinks I'm weird and not even remotely cool as a result. Do I care? No. So, yes I'm simply old I guess and have fond recollections of my English (nee Language) teachers rapping me on the knuckles with any "innovative" spelling/vocabulary while standing at the blackboard diagraming sentences (there's some class fun that I don't think is done any longer in the school systems)! I'd probably have nightmares about Ms. Pruitt if I did incorporate textspeak into daily language and/or writing... or perhaps I should merely thank Ms. Pruitt for allowing me to "know" better? :D

scottsoperson said...

obama says, "i did not know that man, rev. wright."

lattedah711 said...

I use text message, but know a couple of abbreviations like TTYL.  lol. Now I know CUL8R.  That's my something new I learned today.  Great Journal:)    Tracy

acoward15 said...

Text Speak is one of my pet hates.