Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thank You!

  What a nice response we got!  I appreciate everyone's comments and the enthusiasm for this journal.  I really think it's going to be enjoyable.

I want to give Guido a big "thank you" for his previous post.  As I said in my own comment, I knew he would add a touch of class that might otherwise be lacking!

I recently updated the resume for a friend of ours.  I used the info from his old resume, plus the changes that he'd noted, then I used a little bit of license to spruce it up a bit.  He was very impressed and just kept thanking me.  I was actually rather nervous about doing something like that for someone else, but it also felt kind of good to dust the cobwebs off my old brain and do something like that -- since I don't work outside the home now I haven't had to use certain skills, and communicating in a business setting is one of those skills.

Well, he not only got the job, but three different people involved in the interview process told him that his was the best resume they'd ever seen.  That made me feel good.  Anyway, I don't want my brain cells to be covered in cobwebs when it comes to the proper way to communicate, orally or with the written word, and I suppose that is one reason why I wanted to do this journal. 

I also want to share my love for language!  We're off to a great start, and I look forward to more posts from Guido and from anyone else who would be interested.  Thanks again!

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lifes2odd said...

Congrats on the successful resume! I get just a little nervous about errors while commenting here ;-)

specialadyfink said...

We 'do' use too much slang these days.I saw a piece on using text messaging and what the abbreviations will do to using proper English.Have you noticed  that a lot of young people omit the letter 'T' a lot? Bugs the heck out of me.....

pharmolo said...

Well done, Lori, on getting the best resume award ;-)
Am looking forward to postings from more brave souls

manda2177 said...

ok, you are now my official go to gal for resumes!!  Ha!  No, I'm just kidding, but it is good to know that if I needed help, you would be there!

Thanks Word Girl!