Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The long and short of it

Two years ago, Western Isles Council (in Scotland, for those unfamiliar with my location) ordained that anyone who allowed their dog to foul pavements and other public places would be liable for a £40 ($80) on-the-spot fine.

The debate on local radio centered on whether a beach constitutes a public place. Cue the local accent. Vowels tend to get shortened in this part of the world. This means that locals pronounce "beach" as a synonym for a female dog, so you can imagine the raised eyebrows when the announcer mentioned that it was not clear whether dogs would be allowed on beaches.


specialadyfink said...

Way Funny Guido-I would love to have heard that with the inflection of your locals voice,had to be a hoot!!!!

helmswondermom said...

Yes, I can imagine!

xaymacagirl said...

I imagine that quite a few persons got a laugh out of that comment.  Missed some of the posted entries, but did a read through just now.  

I note that many persons have trouble choosing between its and it's.  

deshelestraci said...

Too funny!